About Us

Reza Ghazinouri

All of what goes into our garments is the result of one man, Reza Ghazinouri. He received his Masters in Political Science from Florence University in 1992. Reza’s professional career has been quite diverse but centered on the quality leather craft of Florence, Italy. He has had a passion for and been involved with top leather quality in a wide variety of leather clothing and hand bags fashion since 1979. We are very proud to invite you to experience our individually designed, high quality, hand-tailored, leather designs.

Florence, Italy: Fanucchi Family

Italian leather, known for its durability, suppleness, and rich colors, is commonly known throughout the world as the best leather. Our hides, tanned in Italy, are all “Premium”, first choice hides. These techniques have been passed down generation to generation. This pride is a family tradition. These families still dominate the handmade leather industry in Italy and we are proud to associate ourselves with one of these families, the Fanucchi’s.

Familia Fanucchi is made up of Head Master and Chief Cutter, Vitaliano, cutting the leather by hand as his father and his grandfather did in last century. His chief tailoring crew are Kety, daughter and Graziella, wife, in their work shop in Italy.


Reza Ghazinouri: CEO

Bob Bowden: National Sales Manager

John Spicola: Marketing